I have some problem with using variables, I am making a form in C#?asp.net .

Now in my web application form I am having two controls on web page (dropdown, button); depending on the selection in the dropdown I have changed some value in a integer variable.

PROBLEM: the variable retains this value until the event ends.

after that I am using this value to do some processing; it is here that I find that the int value has changed back to 0(its default value). How can I prevent this as I need the value of the int?

I have tried my code both by declaring the int variable as global to that form and also by declaring it inside that particular event.

can someone please help me?

thank You

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i have encountered similar problems in the past as well, please tell me wether you are using this variable within your JS or ASP CS code.

i would like to share with you one handy dandy control - the Hidden Field.

You could change the hidden field value with JavaScript like this:

#region Change Variable
	string changevalue = string.Format("javascript:document.getElementById('{0}').value = {1}.options[{1}.selectedIndex].value;", hiddenfield1.ClientID, dropdownlist1.ClientID);
	dropdownlist1.Attributes.Add("onChange", changevalue);

You can place that code within your formload - PS this cannot be within the


else you will get errors later.


now what you want is that variable

INT myVariable = int.parse(hiddenfield1.value.Tostring());


This variable myVariable should be global, and thus the value can change constantly over multiple events.

if you require this variable to be used cross postback, add it to a session :

session["MyVariable"] = myVariable.Tostring();

or in the querystring :

response.redirect(string.Format("Mypage?variable={0}", myVariable));

Hope this helps.


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