i dont know where to ask this, or how to ask this, but i need help understanding how to deploy an unsigned windows forms control to be used in a .net web application. i cant package it into a CAB file and reference that from the codebase property because the security settings for our browsers are fixed and they will not give the option to download. it's only to be used internally so i figure there's a way to install it or register it on all client machines, as an admin, without worrying about signing it or making it install thru IE, i just have no idea how. i cant even get it to work on my own computer.... it reads the user's file system which i think means another layer of security restrictions getting in the way... i had to give it full permissions in the 'microsoft .net framework 2.0 configuration' tool to get it to work locally from the server, but so far that's not working from my computer. and i dont think the .net client will be installed on all computers that need to access the control, so that may not even be an option...

anyway, i guess my question is how do i activate/register/install an unsigned, unsafe windows forms control / activex control on my (or any) computer without going thru the web browser or signing anything or using the .net framework configuration? other than that i should have full control to do whatever needs to be done on the client computers. there must be some way to register the dll as safe (or whatever the case) and make it work

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