Hi, i have a page which is built from an asp script providing a thumbnail of an image from a database. I want to enlarge the image (when clicked on) in a new window and i can't work out how to do it using Javascript.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Also can you include two external CSS files in the same html page?

I don't know the answer to the first question. But in answer to your second question, yes you can include two css external files in one html doc. You can do this by either just including two in the html doc or you can include the second one using @import in the first css file. But remember if you use the same class in two css files the last on that is read is how the element displays. I hope this solves you second problem.

Well, ASP generates the HTML code as it's a server side script. Now what you could do is knock out the the url of image form that thumbnail image and open it in enlarge,pop up, new window etc... But you said your JS is not working.....so it would be nice if you could atleast post the code, cause it could be some problem with JS if you have already made.

And if you havn't made it yet, use HTML DOM, style properties&methods(using JS only) and you will get it.

If you didn't understood what I said you may post here.