Hallo to all web developers, I have a problem in load PHP in mozilla fire fox. . .I am using XAMPP web server. My PHP file is currently stored in this path C:\xampp\htdocs\test\index.php. Whenever I run my PHP in mozilla it won't display anything even just a simple "hello world."

echo "hello world";

How am I going to configure my firefox? Do I have to change the network settings of my firefox? Please help me

Nothing to do with firefox (I don't think). Try:

http:// localhost/test/index.php

If this doesn't work search for vhosts on this forum.

Ah, I see. How about:

In the "Connection Settings" dialog of the Firefox preferences, there should be a field "No proxy for". Ensure that 'localhost' and are entered here.

Otherwise, I don't know. Sorry.

I will try this, thank you so much for the advise. . .I hope this will work.

I found out the problem, the web browser is the problem. . .some files of my web browser are broken. . I re-install the web browser than BOM! it worked. . .=)

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