hi all
im writing a flash game, which the "brains" is in php and the client is on flash.
i've written the board in flash and now i have a 9 same movie clip in flash.
this movie clip has 4 frames in it and they all sits on the main frame.
my problem is that:
lets say that in my php file, i randomized a movie clip(lets say that the name is b21)
now i want to use this name in my flash so i could do this:


and what ever i do, it doesnt seems to work.
i can use this name on a dynamc text and show it. but i cant use it as a movie clip name.
if someone could help

Can you post your AS code to see what you are trying to do that isn't working? You call php, get a variable which is a name, then you try to load that movieclip correct?

yap that correct
if my php return the value "b21"
i then want to use it as

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