I have 2 forms. One is a login form and the other is a registration form. Both have various textboxes and a "Submit" button. Now when using Mozilla these controls "Buttons" work perfect with no flaws but on the other hand when using IE 6.0 When i click the buttons the page just acts like I didnt even hit the button and nothing happens it just sits there. I have my target schema set to ie 5.0. I do have browser caps in my web.config file but even if I take them out IE still doesnt respond to the click event of the button. This is really getting me frustrated. I know there are some problems with different browsers besides IE when working with the .net environment. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.


Ok I found my problem. I had to add this to the web.config


  <webControls clientScriptsLocation="aspnet_client/system_web/1_1_4322/"/>


because for some reason my project wasnt recognizing this files location. So I put it into the same folder as my application.