Hi all,

i am trying to install xamp on my pc which is Xp. but its showing setupXamp.bat is not found how to proceed ,


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This problem just keeps on happening. There are 2 solutions.
1. Download xampp using other method (eg. there are 2 methods - exe and zip)
2. Use wamp instead.

I myself have never had this problem with xampp so perhaps it is something with the latest version.


Yes it seems that the new Xampp is taking tomcat as part of it as to an add-on which I can only figure is causing the issues.


XAMP is very nice!
See this two links:
- Documentation About XAMP
- IBM - Install XAMP

Hope it helps!

I agree with you that xampp is nice but it is just that the latest version has some problems and can't even be installed without this error as has been posted before. There for those links you've posted do not have much use in relation to this topic. So untill a new version of xampp comes out with the problem fixed, I would strongly suggest to either get an older copy of xampp or download wamp.

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