i am developing a website in ASP.NET(VB) and SQL Server

my website is basically a product based website in which visitors will come and buy products from my website

they will be able to add different products in their carts, could to a good search for products listed in the website

product will be assigned unique product ID, manufacture part number, a long product description, accessory product ID (as i want to display accessories related to each product), manufacture details (Name, phone, website, city, country, state, address etc), product pictures, category(becoz all products will be in different categories like all laptops are in one categories, all monitors are in second category, printers are in third categories etc)

customers will be assigned unique usernames with the help of login control in VB, and those unique username will be attached to the details of the customers, like order details - customer name, customer phone number, ordernumber, customer address, shipping address, order date, Number of items orders, manufacture part number, total amount to pay or paid etc)

all the visitors/customers will be able to search on the website with these options - manufacturer/distributor, manufacturing part number, category, name of the products) - these 4 search options are MUST)

i am done with the design part of my website and now its time to deal with the database

1) http://www.gigasize.com/get.php?d=jgk1ynqy7nd

please download this file- this is my database file i have made some changes and added few things , please if you have some time, take a look at it and if you find any thing wrong then please make those changes and post the database back here and let me know what changes you made

2) What should i do to manage the shopping cart ? do i need to create tables for that and join those tables in my database ? if yes then please provide me the structure of those tables, please...

3) In my website i have to create search engine also by which the visitor of my website will be able to search for different products . so do i need to create tables to perform search for products also ? or search option doesn't require any tables ?

4) when the customer/visitor will visit my website and shop for products and add products in the cart, then the customer will log in to my website thru the login control (in asp.net), now how all the data that will be perform (adding products in the cart) will get connected to the customer username, i mean the the whole shopping cart (including different products, prices, accessories , billing / shipping address everything) will be connected against the customer username ...but HOW ? what is the code ? please provide me the code , how it is possible ?

5) HOW a shopping cart is created ? please please please provide me the code, how this thing works, please dont provide me any tutorial website becoz i have read all those things already and dont really understood the concept, so please provide me the code so that it can help me in my website, what is the code ? how to place that code and where ?

6) i dont understand one concept, when we create a number of tables in our database, what we do first ? we create tables and enter data side by side or first we connect all tables and then enter the data? i have a doubt in this becoz when i created all the tables and connected each other by primary / foreign keys, it was not letting me to enter data in 1 table , cuz i think the table is connected to other tables and suppose i am entering data in the foreign key which may be the primary key in other tables so when i am entering in one table might not be present in other table which may be preventing me to enter the data ? am i correct ? please provide me with explanation....

7) when i try to figure out the concept of shopping cart, i see products are displayed in grid view each product carrying one Add to Cart button, but my question is how to provide just one button on each page cuz on my website each product have specific page then there should be only one product and one Add to Cart button...so how it is possible???? and when the customer will keep on adding products on the different pages on the header that is common to all the pages, there should be an option of shopping cart that should gets updated with the customer navigation- i hope you understood, when the customer add 1 product, that header shopping cart status show 1 product in cart, when customer remove that item, that shopping cart status should show 0 items in shopping cart- how this is possible ? please guide me.....

I am sorry guys , its a long explanation and sorry if you are getting bored or frustrated by my question, its just that i am new in this technology and its really important for me to develop with website , and you guys and my own efforts are my only hope. so please help me ,,,PLEASE HELP

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Welcome to the daniweb. I read your post carefully and I suggest you to check http://sourceforge.net/ - SourceForge is your location to download and develop free open source software.


You have posted a big and long question. The things that you requested cannot be given in one answer.

To build a shopping cart, first you need to freeze the requirement, design the database, write code to implement the requirement. It will definitely need a lot of experience and efforts.

Read articles about shopping cart in asp.net.

Also google about this topic.

Hope the following links are useful.

Build a Shopping Cart in ASP.NET
ASP.NET Shopping Cart Source Code

if you could read my entry above , you will find that i have created the database (its posted above in the link provided)
anyone ???? please guide me (please guide me other than starter kits- i have already tried those things and still not getting the concept)

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