I would like to know whether is there any way i could avoid mailto to take outlook or any other email client or could i control to use only a specific email client?

I have heard of uniformmail but i would like to know of this. i request pointers from experts here. thanks in advance!



You can't affect a user's computer in this way. How they have it set up is how it will work. If you want their emails to be sent through a controlled system you will need to create a form on your website to capture their information and send the email for you.

Caveat Emailor.

I don't have Outlook installed on my computer, so there is no way you could somehow get my computer to use it. I have only the proprietary emailer my ISP uses.

Every user's email must go through an email system he is actually subscribed to, or through your server-side database page made to fake an email send.

You certainly do not have the right to change my email settings or cause me to use a toll system I don't belong to.

Frankly, I am always suspicious when someone wants to make a custom email page instead of just printing the email address on the web page. The thought of malicious software connected to the send button always comes to mind. With an email address and my own emailor, I know it's safe.