Hello guys,

I'm having a issues with the imagecreatefromgif() function.
I'm running WAMP on my laptop which is running SQL 5.1.36, PHP 5.3 and APACHE 2.2.11.
Now if I create a gif image using the imagecreatefromgif() function and add a rectangle to the image and then create the image again using the code below:

header('Content-type: image/gif');

it displays the image correctly, however when I upload the website onto a external server the image does not show, meaning there is something wrong with this image create function or its either not supported by the server or the way that I'm calling the function is incorrect:

<img id="flowchart" src="flowchartloader.php?id=2" onclick="point_it(event)"/>

The 'src' is meant to call the file with a id 'flowchartloader.php?id=2', i might be calling it incorrectly, but why would it work on my WAMP server on my laptop but not on a external server???

Can anyone help me please!!!

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Well first open the image file itself while on the server with the problem and it should say what line the bug is in. A possible bug is the imagecreatefromgif() file location being different and another possibility is the gd library not being installed.

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