Hi all
I am newbie to jsp, i don't have much knowlege in java
but I am familiar with some programming concepts
I want to start learning jsp, can any one guide me what should I know before takeing up jsp?
I see lot of online tutorials for jsp but don't no where to start:))
smart geeks in here, pls gudie where to get books/online websites to learn.
Appreciate your help.

great start.

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Well if you do not know much about Java, then first I suggest going back and getting your foundation in Java strong first (cause after all JSPs are java code embedded inside HTML), then proceed to learning about servlets and then move on to JSPs.

As far as learning JSPs is concerned, I would suggest buy a book, Head First Servlets and JSP is pretty good book there, However if you are still adamant on learning online only then here are a few links you could look up:-

Core Servlets and JSP
Java EE 5 Tutorial

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