Hello, im a little bit new for mobile.NET and tryin to work with sql express data base during my mobile web form. Im tryin to make some contact form and its work great. the data send from the mobile form to the sql contact table. my question is there is some way to watch data from the database in mobile web form? i can't see any tool (like the data tools that have in asp.net) how can i present the data?

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There are databound controls in asp.net mobile like the mobile list control, or you can use something like the mobile textview control and add your own markup. You have to be a bit careful as different mobile devices support different markup like tables for example.


The System.Web.UI.MobileControls namespace have controls to be used in Mobile web application in asp.net.

Please note that the ASP.NET Mobile Controls are obsolete. Almost all modern phones do support more standised xhtml, so you don't have to use the asp.net mobile controls. You may need to use mobile web form and related controls only if you have target devices with outdated browers . Otherwise you can use ASP.NET Web Forms for your mobile pages.

The purpose of the mobile development is to access a web site from a mobile phone. The web site can be deployed in a Windows Server like a regular asp.net web site. It cannot be deployed in a mobile device.

Since your database reside in your mobile device, you cannot access it in a mobile web form. You need to develop a mobile device application(desktop application to be deployed in mobile devices) using compact framework.

The SQL Express database can be accessed


Ramesh is right in that ASP.NET mobile controls are being phased out, but it really depends on your target audience, IMHO it's always best to consider the lowest common denominator, while you may not have quite so much flexibility with the mobile controls, it will certainly render on almost any mobile device there is.

The new approach seems to be to use MVC and the updated browser caps files (updated and maintained by Microsoft Dublin) but obviously this way you have to hand roll your mark up for different devices like iPhone etc.


hello, first of all thanks for replay.... in my question i did mean to how can i use, database (like sql express) from mobile. i know that for developing desktop App for mobile device i can use sql compact edition and install the db with the App on the device. But if i want to use some images and text from sql database (like i use in regular website : i can design one aspx page and the same page allways take different data and images from the database by the choise of the user [different id] ) now, when you develop web site (regular) you have lot of tools (like: datagrid, formview, repeater and so on) but in the mobile page there is no such tools..... so i can i work with data bases? (in case the db is online on the internet)????


Can you tell me one thing I want to develop web site that can be run from mobile. I m using VS 2005 but I m not getting Mobile Application option in that :(
I have also installed SP1 also

If u have any Idea and want to help me out please let me know

Ashish Amodia

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