I have a few javascript calls that hide/show divs over a flash movie and even a css/jquery drop down nav that overlaps over the flash movie.

IE6, IE7, IE8, FF2 pc, FF3 pc, and even FF mac are fine, however with Safari the cursor remains an arrow even when rolling over a link if it is layered over the flash. The links and rollovers still work fine, I just cant get the cursor to change to the hand when rolling over a link even with css or js. Z-indexes are set correctly and everything is functional except the cursor. Anyone have a fix?



Are you already using wmode="transparent" as per my solution at post #8 here?

I guess you are but if not, then give it a try.


Hi thanks for the reply, I am layering a div over flash not flash over a div, would changing the wmode have any effect on this? thanks

wait yeah wmode transparent is on the swf thanks

Mmmm, there was just a chance .....

You say you've tried forcing cursor style with js and css so I think you may just have to accept it's an Safari bug.

You could try an internet search to see if someone else has a solution (could be some obscure <meta> or something)

Please post the solution if you find one, it's an intersting problem.

Good luck

yeah been searching, Ive run into this before hopefully safari will fix it in a new version I dont think theres a fix.


I just did a search and plently of folks report the same or similar problems.

A further thought .....

If you reliably know the position of your overlying HTML elements (ie. if they are absolutely positioned), then you could try placing matching clickable areas (with null actions) in the SWF. This should force the Safari cursor to hand, despite the bug, and other browsers should still work OK. I emphasise should because I haven't done any tests.

Of course, if you don't absolutely position your overlying HTML elements, then you are still up a gum-tree (one of my old dad's favourite expressions).


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