im doing a project, but before that, i have to do some literature review. i need to do an application review or a system review which the system is more or less the same as my system. is there any related or recomended system that i can use as my review?

my system is about an electronic guarantee letter where the admin will register for the staff. the staff will login after he/she had been registered in the system. when he/she login, a thumbprint is needed as verification for each user. after success login into the system, he/she will go into their particular profile where he/she can edit his/her own details/info and he/she can print it out.

i hope that i can have some system which is more or less the same as what my system is so i can do a application review.

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I'm not quite sure what you are trying to do as far as an "Application or System" review, but my question is this ... If you need to do a review on a system that is more or less just like yours, why don't you just review yours? What exactly is this "review" anyhow?

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