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I like to display the next and previous content's teaser for every node in drupal(PHP CMS) . .Is there any module available for this issue.. next and previous content's teaser should be of the same taxonomy of same content type.. Suppose if i a news is displayed in a current page, below the particular news next and previous news' teaser should be displayed.... It is similar to which dailymotion- video shows the next and previous video's thumbnails for every content.
i think it is possibal in views and cck. . . But i dont know what should be passed in arguments.
Thankyou if someone helps me in solving this issue. .

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If I understand the question, here's what I propose.
Set up a VIEW with a filter of that Content-Type. You also want to filter by taxonomy term. If you want the term to be passed in by argument, then use the ARGUMENT settings to grab the term out of the URL of the VIEW PATH instead of filtering by the term. Set the ITEMS PER PAGE to ONE and turn the PAGER on and set it to MINI.
Now you have a VIEW that shows all the content with that one term AND at the bottom is a next and previous button. In between those buttons is a display that shows what page you're on and how many pages there are. You could make that display:hidden if you don't want it there.

On the topic of learning Drupal... You may want to check out the Lullabot Drupal Fundamentals Online Workshop - Oct/Nov If you follow the link you will also see some extremely helpful DVDs available as well. I learned a lot from these guys over the years.
You may also find some helpful Drupal posts on my blog


Thanks for the reply. .
You gave me an idea. . Actually i set up the panel node template which displays only on the node type=news. . . It shows the current node content in the left panel and next content's teaser on the right panel. .
how can i able to view the next content's teaser in the current node. . that next content should be of the same node type(news). I have gone through arguments tutorial but nothing helped me. .
I will be appreciating anyone if solves my problem

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