I have created an asp.net web project and deployed it in my pc with the virtual directory set to websetup1. How should i access my website? When i type my ip add in the browser, it will display my router configuration page instead. Should i include virtual directory in my url so it will bring me to my website insted of my router configuration page? If this is the case how should i include virtual diretory in my url?

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Good Day Derice

The Url will be Formed like this

http://[Machinename]/[Virtual Directory]/

That will be the URL.

Hope this Helps

Vuyiswa Maseko

my virtual directory is fp. It is working fine when i type "localhost/fp" in my local pc .. but i have no idea why i cant access it from other pc by typing "my-ip-address/fp". Any idea what i have miss out? Should i configure my security setting?

Right Click on "My Computer" and to Go Properties --> ComputerName, in the Full Computer Name : Tell me what is there

My full computer name is "d3ric3-913b8755."

oh ya, i am getting "404 Not Found" message when i tried to access my website from other pc.

I had also turned off my windows firewall as well. Hope these help.

Yes! it is working... thanks =) but why i cant access it with my ip address?

Oppss... i made a mistake it is still not accessible from other pc... http://d3ric3-913b8755/fp/ is only working in my local pc...

ok,Are the Other PC in the Same Network as you are ?

Go to Control Panel --> Administrative Tools-->Internet Information Services

i have Attached a Document , please send me Screenshots as i requested in the document. another this is go to start first

Start--> Run

and Type


and click ok

in the cmd type the following

Ping d3ric3-913b8755

and send me the Screenshot of the Results. Please note that you must do this on the other computers not your own. This will tell me if you can see your PC from other PC.

I am trying to access it through pc in my same network and also pc out of my network. It is working when i typed which is the private network but when it is access from other network then the problem arised.

i guess Ping d3ric3-913b8755 is only return positive result for pc in the same network which is true for my situation with 0 lossess.

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Now this mean that the PC in other Network have no access to your private Network. So the Problem here is not your Application , the other PC's dont have access to your Private network.

Please Talk to your Network guys about this Issue. if they can ping it from outsite Network , then your problem will be solved

kind Regards

Vuyiswa Maseko

You have be so kind... thanks for the information... This sounds really reasonable...

You are Welcome. You can Mark the Thread as "Resolved" or Add Reputation"

Thank you

Vuyiswa Maseko

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