I wanted to know which PHP IDE is the best available in market.
There are lots of products available.
I would prefer one with a good help guide because i am new to this.

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  • There really is no "best" with IDEs. Try a few out for a week or so (enough to get to know the IDE) then try another one. At the end figure out which one you like the best and stick with it. Some popular ones: [LIST] [*]Zend Studio [*]Eclipse w/ … Read More

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    Aptana Notepad++ for the odd bits Sometimes Dreamweaver, for v. small projects. Read More


If you are looking for something feature-rich, Zend Studio may be the best way to go. It has built in code libraries, good debugging, etc. I used to use it at one time and liked it but now I do pretty much all of my coding with Dreamweaver - not for any particular reason, just because I've been using it for years and I'm content with it.

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I've been using PHP designer for a year or two and i'm happy with it.

If you make a mistake (syntax error) it directly notifies you (you dont need to press debug or something to get notified)
It also suggests variable names (that you've used before etc.) and other basic IDE functions.

And it supports multiple language highlighting in one file.
I have like PHP, javascript, css and html in one file with no problems.

The only problem that I have with this program is that it doesn't support code collapsing.

Hope this helps


There really is no "best" with IDEs. Try a few out for a week or so (enough to get to know the IDE) then try another one. At the end figure out which one you like the best and stick with it.

Some popular ones:

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I tried a number of them and ended up with Sun Netbeans (which now does PHP and other languages not just Java).


I do all my PHP scripting in phpDesigner. It's features are priceless to me. Well... kinda


I typically use gedit or notepad++ or textwrangler. But, if you like all the futures of an ide, Aptana, which is built upon eclipse, is a good choice.
It has inline debugging, code suggest, code outlining, phpdoc, etc.
The only problem with it is it is slightly bloated (as with nearly all ides, more features more bloat), and can get slightly slow (with really long files.).


Netbeans, Aptana, Eclipse PHP.
All free and very good.

I used to use Dreamweaver to, but it's just not worth it. Netbeans is a better IDE, in my opinion, and it doesn't cost a thing.
Zend Studio is also a much better option if you insist on spending money on an IDE :-P

Just try them out. See what you like.


I have used zend studio, aptana, php Designer, eclipse, netbeans, maguma studio, dev php, editplus, etc. Among all these, I liked zend studio 5.5 more. The later versions, 6 and 7 had a lot of bugs when I last used it (like irregular brace mismatching, delayed code suggest (in ver7), searching a particular string has to be done by clicking "next" instead of F3, etc). But it also has some unique features like refactor, phpdoc, code completion and so on.
As codejoust mentioned, more features = more bloated = consumption of more system resources!
Aptana is a good alternative to zend studio (and its free!).


Netbeans is good but it eats good amount of resources. I found Notepad++ a good choice though it isnt IDE. I'm configuring aptana right now and it seem to be good. I was searching for portable IDE to move with in stick and I have just made it portable and I'm installing plugins.

Also you can check young codelobster PHP edition.


I am setting up ultraedit as my main editor. I have stopped using dreamweaver in favor of this tool as ue will allow a LOT of customization. Since I have a fair amount of source code already written, I have begun customizing this specifically for php/mysql development. And I have found it to be very stable on my picky acer notebook!

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