Hey there,

Recently, i am working on one of the community website, which is developed in Asp.net/sql server.

I want to implement image verification during registration process so as, there won't be any automated registration..

Can anybody help me to program this utility??

well, I've never done it. But what I would do is have a folder with a set of image files. Then I would store in the database the file path and name and the correct response. Then, when you go to display it, you select a random entry from the database and the answer. Then display the image and check the users response against the images stored in the database.

Hi there.

We have created a free ASP.NET control for doing this:


Just drag and drop the dll into your bin and your toolbox. Make sure that the ASPNET account has read/write access to your website folder, or the rounded corners object wont work.

Good luck