Hi All, i am trying to write an application that will take an XML file that has been saved from an XLS spreadsheet and display the data. I will be ok with how to display the data i just dont know how to get the data from the XML.

I have done a few google searches and the info i have found demonstates how to get the first layer of data, or will just display the whole thing is 1 big string.

the structure of the XML is below, I need the data from between the <data> tags. there are also quite a few rows of this data as wel.


    <Cell ss:StyleID="s21"><Data ss:Type="String">Job No</Data></Cell>
    <Cell ss:StyleID="s21"><Data ss:Type="String">Contractor</Data></Cell>
    <Cell ss:StyleID="s21"><Data ss:Type="String">ETA</Data></Cell>
    <Cell ss:StyleID="s21"><Data ss:Type="String">Job Type</Data></Cell>
    <Cell ss:StyleID="s21"><Data ss:Type="String">Job Status</Data></Cell>
    <Cell ss:StyleID="s21"><Data ss:Type="String">Customer</Data></Cell>
    <Cell ss:StyleID="s21"><Data ss:Type="String">Site Service No.</Data></Cell>
    <Cell ss:StyleID="s21"><Data ss:Type="String">Site Contact</Data></Cell>
    <Cell ss:StyleID="s21"><Data ss:Type="String">Current User</Data></Cell>
    <Cell ss:StyleID="s21"><Data ss:Type="String">Contractor Ref</Data></Cell>
    <Cell ss:StyleID="s22"/>
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Thanks, I had already looked at that and it was giving me erros. I found the answer in the DOM. I overlooked that when i looked before.


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