Hey All,

This is my first post here. I'm a complete newbie when it comes to ASP.NET.

I'm trying to create a simple "Registration Page". I'm not using Visual Studio's inbuilt "Create New User Wizard".

My Registration page has the following controls:

1 Textbox for the user name, 2 text boxes for the password and confirm password field

I then have a "Register" Button (when clicked will insert the values into a "members" table). I then added a "SqlDataSource" onto the

form, specified a custom SQL statement(using the configure data source settings)

But I dont know how to link the "Register" button with the "SqlDataSource's Insert command". Can anyone give me some suggestions on how to solve this issue? (I would prefer it if this can be solved using the GUI controls and not by writing code)

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Already inbuilt login controls are there in ASP.net.I think you can use that one.For linking button with data source i am hearing it for first time sorry no idea.

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