I have a code to detec backlink from yahoo and google like this :

function google_backlink($uri)
	$uri = trim(eregi_replace('http://', '', $uri)); $uri = trim(eregi_replace('http', '', $uri));
	$url = 'http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&lr=&ie=UTF-8&q=link:'.$uri.'&filter=0';
	$v = file_get_contents_curl($url);
	preg_match('/of about \<b\>(.*?)\<\/b\>/si',$v,$r);
	preg_match('/of \<b\>(.*?)\<\/b\>/si',$v,$s);
	if ($s[1]!=0) {
		return $s[1];
	} else { 
		return ($r[1]) ? $r[1] : '0';

//get yahoo inlink/backlink
function yahoo_inlink($uri)
	$uri = trim(eregi_replace('http://', '', $uri)); $uri = trim(eregi_replace('http', '', $uri));
	$url = 'http://siteexplorer.search.yahoo.com/advsearch?p=http://'.$uri.'&bwm=i&bwmf=s&bwmo=&fr2=seo-rd-se';
	$v = file_get_contents_curl($url);
	$data1=explode("Inlinks (", $v);
	//echo htmlentities(var_dump($data1));
	$data2=explode(")", $data1[1]);
	//return ($r[1]) ? (integer)str_replace(",", "",trim($r[1])) : (integer)'0';
	return ($data2[0]) ? (integer)str_replace(",", "",trim($data2[0])) : (integer)'0';

that's just for yahoo and google. How to get backlink from MSN, bing, ask, gigablast, altavista, teoma.

Please tell me the solutions.

I am checking some of the other search engines but bing appears to be not so easy to find the back links with php do to a lack of feature. A discussion about how to find the bing back links without php can be found at http://www.ozzu.com/bing-forum/how-check-backlinks-bing-t100347.html
As for msn, I believe bing is the msn replacement. So it would be hard to find the back links for a search engine that no longer exists (msn-search).

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