I'm using an ActiveX control in my html page.. Each time i load the page ie pops a message box to allow the activex to run or not . Is there any way to handle that message box using javascript. Or is there any other way to avoid that message box because each time the page loads i have to give yes and then proceed. By default i've to give yes is there any way to handle that using javascript.
help me out please...

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that can be done with the setting in your browser itself.
check this -
select Tools, then Internet Options from the menu at the top of the Internet Explorer window. The Internet Options window will appear.
- Select Security from the list of tabs at the top of the Internet Options window. The Security tab will appear.
- Select the Custom Level button. The Security Settings window will appear.
- Scroll down to the Download signed ActiveX controls entry and select the appropriate option.
- Scroll down to the Run ActiveX controls and plugins entry and select the appropriate option.
- Click Apply, then click OK to accept the changes

You may need to reboot for the settings to stick.

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