I have installed Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 , trial version and I am running it on VISTA SP1. The IIS server is up and running: I am able
to run .php files and .asp files.

In the C# tab , I am choosing File->New -> Project -> .NET Web Application.

As I run a standard empty project, the result should be a blank page , but I receive in my browser the following error: Connection Timeout, Firefox cannot establish a connection with the server localhost:port.
It appears that Microsoft Visual Studio cannot find the page, named default.aspx.

I tried manualy writing default.aspx in the browser address tab , but it gives me the same error.

I have checked in Programs and Features and the .NET Framework is installed.

What can I do to make the website work through .NET?
I will check any comments from you and give you the insight about any details concerning my system.

I am in college and I just started a course on programming in ASP.NET so I urgently need yo make it running.
Thank you in advance!

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Are you able to access the application in IE. or is this error occured only for FF?

Also do the following settings.

1. Open Control Panel –> Program –> Turn Windows Features On or Off

2. Expand Internet Information Services –> World Wide Web Services ->Application Development Features

3. Check this features: ASP.NET, ISPI, ASP, CGI(whatever you required).

If the above settings are already done ignore this.

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