I have installed Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 , trial version and I am running it on VISTA SP1. The IIS server is up and running: I am able
to run .php files and .asp files.

In the C# tab , I am choosing File->New -> Project -> .NET Web Application.

As I run a standard empty project, the result should be a blank page , but I receive in my browser the following error: Connection Timeout, Firefox cannot establish a connection with the server localhost:port.
It appears that Microsoft Visual Studio cannot find the page, named default.aspx.

I tried manualy writing default.aspx in the browser address tab , but it gives me the same error.

I have checked in Programs and Features and the .NET Framework is installed.

What can I do to make the website work through .NET?
I will check any comments from you and give you the insight about any details concerning my system.

I am in college and I just started a course on programming in ASP.NET so I urgently need yo make it running.
Thank you in advance!

Are you able to access the application in IE. or is this error occured only for FF?

Also do the following settings.

1. Open Control Panel –> Program –> Turn Windows Features On or Off

2. Expand Internet Information Services –> World Wide Web Services ->Application Development Features

3. Check this features: ASP.NET, ISPI, ASP, CGI(whatever you required).

If the above settings are already done ignore this.