Hello all.
This is not a php question, but I assume that you php aficionados will probably know more about this than most.

I have a laptop that I use from home and work and have a different IP address when connecting from different locations. I am able to gain access to a website cpanel from work, but not from home.
Any ideas what could account for this? A colleague has checked cpanel and ensure me that I'm not "denied". I've turned off Kapersky security suite and still can't access. It was working fine until recently, when I was trying to upload the MySQL tables. Now I can't access cpanel, ftp nor the actual site. Work access is fine.

My system
DELL Inspiron 1520 Vista
Browsers: Chrome, IE7, FF3.5, Opera 9, Safari 4 (all of which refuse connection from home)
Kapersky SS

Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated!

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Sorry guys. Missed the obvious. Tried another PC from the house and that was blocked too. Blasted server must be refusing access/connection. Must have done something to annoy the host. Blast (or words to that effect).

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