In need of creating an online fast food delivery system - please help... no idea how to begin! this is for a group assignment in university. we have to design a creative user and admin interface...

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People aren't going to do your work for you. It's best if you make your own start and then come to us when you come against a stumbling block :/

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Be careful for what you ask and publish on forums. Another user recently applied for a thread to be deleted because the code (which was all his) he published could not then be used in his coursework (plagiarism rules). Threads, once replied to will not, if I understand it correctly, be deleted from Daniweb.

If you have no idea of how or where to begin on this simple assignment - ask yourself if you're taking the right course.

Some ideas of main elements:

1. Products list (e.g. catalogue-like system)
2. Orders (selectable from catalogue with quantity/price/running total/basket)
3. Payments and accounts if applicable (or pay delivery guy)
4. Confirmations (pages/emails)
5. Queue displays (fast food side)
6. Delivery guy assignment
7. Production/Delivery Completion confirmation

The above will be form and database driven.
Your DB design will be the key element to building a successful site.
Checkout some existing sites and gauge how they transfer data; how data is collated and how data items relate to one another.
MS Access has examples of product/order systems and there are plenty of online systems (varying in complexity).

hey this is not an attempt to get someone to do my work for me O_O... we have just started an internet application development assignment - its a group one - and i would like a few pointers as to how to go about this. thats all.. if anyone is able to help please help.. thanks..
@ardav thanks loads!

I'm sorry, I assumed the worst when I read the question. My apologies :]

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