Hi, i have already made a user registration page and log in pages but i need to know how i can make it possible for other people to view profiles from other users on my site.

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Create a profile.php page.

If you've got user hyperlinks - they should have the user's id as part of the querystring. This is then processed from the $_GET variable and data is taken from the DB and displayed.

A hashed "confirm" parameter may be useful to prevent users from messing with the querystring.



what ardav's trying to tell you is that you can have a page that will display users on your site with there picture displayed.the link on the picture can be something like


where the userid will be the id of the person in your database
and once this is clicked there profile will be shown via get using


and via a sql statement you generate the user using the userid. hope that helps and don't orget the hashing he talked about so as to prevent sql injection. shalom shalom

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