Getting to the poiint; I have a 'index.html' document that creates 3 iframes, each within a row of a 1 column, 3 row table. So I have a top (frame1), middle,(frame2) and bottom(frame3).

Frame1 src="header.html" is a descriptive banner.

Frame2 src="Start.html" is where the real application does all the work.

Frame3 src="footer.html" is a footer, that may contain 1 or more images or small buttons.

I will include the code for index.html at the end:

What I can't seem to do is have "start.html" change the content or src of frame1, recall start.html is the src of frame2. When a button within a form within start.html is pressed (onclick), a cgi (c program) outputs new html into frame2, a mainmenu of buttons. Now frame2 contains a list of buttons, and I want frame1 to contain text "Main Menu". Likewise, in the mainmenu, when the settings button is pressed a cgi program will output the settings HTML to frame2, and I want frame1 to contain the text "Settings".

Sure, the cgi program could change/re-write the contents of "header.html", but whats the best method, and then, how to reload the iframe, or change it's src.

frame2 needs to modify frame1 and later frame3.

Thanks in advance,

<title>test run</title>
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="stdtheme.css" />

<table border="0" class="maintable" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">
<td align="top">
<iframe id="frame1" name="frame1" class="result_output" width="115%" height="27px" frameborder="0"  scrolling="no" name="head"
<td valign="center">
<iframe id="frame2" class="result_output" width="115%" height="630px" frameborder="0"  scrolling="yes" name="view"
<td align="bottom">
<iframe id="frame3" class="result_output" width="115%" height="27px" frameborder="0"  scrolling="no" name="foot"
<td align="left" class="bottomtext">
bottom line text
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