Hello all I am using the request scope.

I have parent window, which opens a child window on button click.
Am using window.open

That child window opened is request scope. Problem is, on that child window there is a button.. say I write "greg" in the textbox and click the button its reset back to old value.
On every button click its considering it a new request.

whats the probleM?? Its not normal. I am thinking of doing session, and then on close of that child window invalidate the session??

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It sounds to me like it's simply a submit button (or a regular button scripted to give a submit action).

I don't think it's anything to do with request scope, which is a server-side thing.



i got a solution..

I will do it a session for the child window. and when the child window is closed i will destroy the session..

since if parent window opens aagain the child window previous values dont show up

anyone knows how to destroy a session on close?

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