Not sure this is the best place to post this:

I'm an experienced C++ oop developer wanting to develop my own semi-complex website ( e.g. with very nice GUI and graphics in general). I've used Qt for C++ GUIs

I'm a newbie to web development, and after researching languages, it looked like using php, MySql on the server-side, and html, & css for the client, was a pretty standard way to go. I'm a newbie, but I'm guessing there must be a more powerful way to generate the GUI part (e.g. forms, drop-downs, buttons etc.) of my website than writing them from scratch with HTML( maybe javascript or something).

Can you suggest an approach ( combo of languages) for website development that would make sense for an experienced C++/Qt developer wanting to develope a graphically rich website?

Any tips or pointers greatly appreciated!!

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yes, using frameworks like joomla will save lots of coding in html, where you can get ready-made forms.
Joomla is a content management system, where you will get the all types of controls used in the website, and just need to manage the data/content in it.

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