Hy again,
I have a quick question that I can't figurite out so I'm just gonna show it to you.
I'm not shore if it is Lightbox sample, but it's Java and jQuery comb.

1st. Link http://www.cmsmadesimple.org/
2nd. Link http://www.omniture.com/en/

At the 1st link, on the Left side under the header, there is a 4 horizontal tabs that I realy realy like them, reason is coz its edge-rounded with gradient background, I never finde edge-rounded trick like that. Next more complex is 2nd link, in whole size of a footer webpage. This one is more interesting coz it's vertical 3sliced tab and horizontal 3...tabs.

Plase if you can direct me where tro look and the name of technique, I would be very happy. Anyhow idf you do-not know of this technique, it's a goot time to satisfied our costumers. Thank you!

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