itemlist[loc] = new product(codes,size,descrip,color,olditem + 1,url)}
    else // new item
    {olditem =  itemlist[item_num].quan
    itemlist[item_num] = new product(codes,size,descrip,color,olditem + 1,url);
    items_ordered = item_num
    item_num = item_num + 1

The above code is in javascript.
the value of 'itemlist' is set whenever i click on additem in different html pages. I want to pass this itemlist values to default.aspx.cs so that it can display a confirmation page with all these values. Can you tell me what code i have to use in default.aspx.cs
I tried using hidden variable in the html page which had the above java script n pass the hidden value to default.aspx.cs. But this did not work out for me.

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Try with querysting,
or Better using ajax to post,

Check here, <URL SNIPPED>

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