My javascript application worked well until I upgraded. I use IE 6.0.29 with SP2 installed. My Firefox browser is Prior to Firefox upgrade all worked well. Now my application in IE works and Firefox gives me error messages that read: [field name] has no properties.

The strange thing is that the screens in Firefox do transfer data between them as they are intended to do, but the windows just don't close when the window close scripts are activated. They also issue the no properties error message.

I read the FAQs on this forum for explanation of the no properties error message. All I found were cases that showed code and someone suggested code changes and the result was the error message went away.

I did not find an explanation of what the no properties message means.
Can anyone explain what it is intending to tell me?



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The "properties doesn't exists" error is usually thrown when no such element by the given element id or name exists or when you are trying to call a function which the object doesn't possess. (eg. length function on RegExp instead of String).

Something like this. In the code below, it looks for an element with an id 'a' which doesn't exists before the page has loaded. Hence the error message.

        <input type="text" id="a" name="a" value="sanjay" />

Thank you, S.O.S Your comment adds some light to a dark room. I will study the situation and try to see how it applies.

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