I'm creating a website as my college project which consists of HTML pages and JSP.
I've started writing JSP code, but don't know how to run it.
Can you tell me how to proceed after creating JSP file.
(i've created Login.jsp and login.html file. Gave
<form method=post action="Login.jsp"> in login.html file.)
What next? How to run the files?
I have installed Tomcat and JCreator.

Please help, its very urgent...!
(is it possible without having to write XML file?)

You need to create a XML file to run the JSP file.You will get a sample file how to create an XML when you install Tomcat server

Thanks, but, now i'm using netbeans for the same purpose.
So, i don't need to use tomcat directly.
Thanks for your reply.

There is no direct link between JCreator and Tomcat, so if you want to run your project you have to compile it first that manually start or restart Tomcat. After that you will be able to see your changes.
On another hand NetBeans and some other IDEs provide Tomcat server build in that it has some advantages and disadvantages.
Personaly I prefer to have Tomcat separately from IDE even if it is integrated I feel that I have more controll over it, dunno why...

i am usung Netbeans in my proj..sorry.

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