i want to do chat script in php. actual requirement is user chat with only with admin. if admin is in online user chats directly. otherwise that chat msg will go to admin mail. at this time another user may come to chat with admin another chat box will come in admin site.
i am not an expert to this task myself. thats why i am looking for help, suggestions from my sweetest communication "daniweb". any free chat scripts relatedto this reqirement plz send details.
thanks 2 all.

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i wrote some script. after that i am not getting any ideas to move.
sorry for this... any body spend some time for help to me? i will show my code.
actually i wrote simple chat script. that is fine.
but this is single window chat script. but my requirement is multiple users can chat with only admin . admin simultaniously replys with multiple chat boxes. but i am getting only single window. actually i didnot used any javascript. i used only php.

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