In Db ch is a field with default value "Click here to view"
and when I clicked it shows image (reference path stored in DB)
in blank new window.
Now I want to show this link as submit button and in action i want another page which shows details.

echo "<tr>";
	echo "<th bgcolor=#FFCC66>Image</th>";
	 echo "<td bgcolor=#FFE375><a href=".$row['image']." target=_blank>".$row['ch']."</a></td>";

	  echo "</tr>";

Following code may help you. I am assuming that your ch value is number.

<script lang='javascript'>
function openform(chval)
	echo "<form name=frm method=post action=actionpage.php target='_blank'>";
	echo "<table>";
	echo "<tr>";
	echo "<th bgcolor=#FFCC66>Image</th>";
	 echo "<td bgcolor=#FFE375><input type=button value='View' onclick=' javascript:openform(".$row['ch'].") ;' > </td>";
        echo "</tr>";
	echo "</table>";
	echo "<input type=hidden value='' name=chvalue id=chvalue>";
	echo "</form>";

I do not want to use java script for this purpose.

<a href=".$row['image']." target=_blank>"

i just want to add a path of another page say newpage.php in place of
$row and also want to send value of id to new page which i will use for retrieving data.

any way you need do call javascript function which lookup all data in current page and then forward it to another page for retrieve...

becaz button only can lookup all data in surrent page link doesn't do...

i say as per my knowledge in jsp ...