Hi all,
I plan sometime to jump into IT business. I plan some tools that I will need. I will go for web as well as Desktop. So far I know that I need to know HTML/CSS/PHP/Javascript and hence I know I need IDE that will support those plus some libraries like Jquery/Moo tools. Here are the candindates (randomly written):
1. Dreamweaver
2. phped
3. Codelobster
4. Zend Studio
5. Any other

Also I know the beauty of flashing webs :) So I have
1. SwishMax
2. Sothink Easy Flash
3. Adobe Flash

So what do you suggest I should do/go for? I have limited pocket so I need a feasible but good combination


I would suggest Netbeans or Aptana for the PHP/HTML/CSS/JavaScript stuff. Both are free. I use Netbeans myself.

Can't help you with the Flash stuff. Don't really like Flash/Silverlight based webs. (3'rd party, proprietary, plugins. Not a good idea to rely on that.) I would use Silverlight, tho, if I was forced to use either of them. It's got .Net as it's back-bone (or so I am told).

I use and love netbeans - php. free and works great. only a few minor issues and bugs. works better than just about any IDE i've ever used or seen.