I am making a small image annotation tool for research purpose.
I have many images shown to a <user> and the person has to click on the image to enter further information about the image.

I would like to POST information about the <user> which is same for all images and also some fields containing the image information to php page containing next level of processing (the page is again same for all image and takes the user and image information as POSTed information).

So I was wondering if there could be a javascript function which i can put like onclick=submitform(imgname, imgA etc.) which submits a FORM with user information (same for all images hence not passed) and image information (strings containing info abt the images e.g. name, quality rating etc.) fields to another php page.

I could put forms for each image but I am dealing with hundreds of images here. I hope I am clear in my question.

Thank you for reading and thank you in advance for the help.


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Did you start writing anything yet?
There are submit functions in JS.
Did you take a look in w3 schools?
Reams of JS info is there for the clicking.



i am sorry for the laziness but i had to have a quick solution.

i think i have a workable solution.

i create one form at the beginning and place the constant (for the page) information there itself and keep other fields blank. then i pass the image info strings into a function which sets the empty fields with the passed values and submits the form.

thanks for the quick reply and the beating...

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