Hi All,
I am using a DropDownList in my page and I am binding the property of this server control like follows.
What I am finding is that it returns the text for the item I have selected. If I use the value property of the ListItem, then also it returns the text for the item I have selected.
In that case, what is the difference between the text property and the value property of the ListItem class??
I am sorry, if it is a very basic question..
Thanks and Regards,

Value is an object, which each list item has. When you create list items, you can assign a value object to them, and that object will stay with the list item (but not be displayed on the page).

The ideal use for this, is when you have a list of items that corrospond to ID numbers in a database. You would set the text property to the friendly description for the item, and the value to the ID number. When you go to interact with your database, you don't need to parse what ID number has been selected; because it's just in it's Value.

And to add to that just set the following from your connection to the DB:

'   |||||   Set the DataValueField to the Primary Key
DropDownList1.DataValueField = "ID"
' '   |||||   Set the DataTextField to the text/data you want to display
DropDownList1.DataTextField = "Details"