Hi All...

I am posting here in hopes that someone may be able to help me with this problem.

I am writing an application with ExtJS and PHP.

Now, I have a form that gets input from the users and one of the input required is a folder path.
Just a path, and not the actual file name itself.
I am able to code in ExtJS to get the filename (via file browser), but however FireFox is not returning the whole path to my form, just t he filename.

I've asked in the ExtJS forum, and apparently I can't do it with plain html and Javascript. I'd need flash or java.
Can someone advice me on how to start with implementing flash/java with my php and ExtJs?
Or if anyone have any other ideas on how to go about it?

Many many thanks! ;)

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Don't make simple things complicated.

What's your application ? And what do you do with the path ?

Get the current working directory.

$dirPath = getcwd();
$UserPath = $dirPath.'/[Users]/';

I need to let the users specify their home path to save their work in.
And ideally, they won't need to type it in.
And current working directory won't work in this case.
Thans anyway! ;)

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Is the folder path a relative path within your domain?

If all your folders are under your domain, why can't you access them? It doesn't seem to follow. Could you elaborate?

Ideally an user would specify an username. That username, if free, is 'cleaned' and used as a folder name. Obviously, you need to protect the contents of the folder from others, but that should be straightforward.