Im not sure if im in the right forum here but her goes:)

I am currently working on a project for an online game.
Basically its a game based on soccer matches and the results where the user would fill out a sheet with their predictions and then once all games were finished a point system would be established and the top 3 scores would take a share of the pot. It would cost £2 per sheet submitted and the user can submit as many sheets as they like.

First, is their any type of system out there similar to what i want to do that i could maybe manipulate to suit my needs?

Second, with what i want to do being complexed i did think about developing it in stages like maybe starting with a simple user account system where players could deposit money and withdraw money etc, does anyone know of any software that can do this?

Third, With the prediction sheets being submitted, is there any software/system that would automatically sort the predictions submitted into groups so that i could then allocate the points and then send back to each user?

Any help on this would be deeply appreciated and if someone was willing to come in with some advice and help me with the project i would reward them justly



The project sounds good... And I honestly think the project would be successful, what I mean is a lot of users would actually sign up for an account. But to be honest it's not easy and cheap to make it. There are different aspects that you mainly need to think about, and those steps aren't easy to follow. For example, you really have to garantee that the users are secured when using the website for payments and when making deals. And you can't really make a secure easily.

I can give you some instructions where you can start but you have to be more specific not in what you want to do it but how you going to do it. Have you made a google search? It's very important having different points of views and it's not by just asking and follow what someone says, you going to get there. I could just build one for you, and leave a gap in the security where I could actually get access like the administractor, but if you know what your doing, you will be more confident.

The project, sounds really good to me, and I hope you can get enough info about how you going to do it, because I know some people that would be interested in this online game. Use your best friend google, and most import don't just trust everybody, some people may actually be helping you, nevertheless, some people may want to confuse you a bit. I hope you can finish successfully this project, Dan08.