i wish to create a jsp page which will accept username and password from list and display a page showing the selected details when clicked on submit

<head><title>course information form
<form action="course_details.jsp" 

<select name="username">
<select name="course">
<input type="reset" name="reset" 

<input type="submit" name="submit" 


saved as html

<head><title><course information></title>
course details of students
<LI> username<%=request.getParameter("username")%>

saved as jsp

not working

This is what is displayed:


This is what it is sent with the request:

<option value="[B]MCA[/B]">MCA</option>

Meaning that there will be cases that what you display is different from what you want to sent:

<select [B]name[/B]="product">
<option [B]value[/B]="000-001">Product Name 1</option>
<option [B]value[/B]="000-002">Product Name 2</option>

Remember that you send the value attribute at the request and you get it using the name. Like you did: request.getParameter("product") will return one of those: 000-001, 000-002. Not what is displayed between the "option" tags