I want to make a comment box in a web page which will take a comment from the user and save it to the database and show all comments including new comment without reloading by ajax or jscript.
Please help me someone with coding. Please.

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The first step would be to get the server side of your request programmed. This will mean you would need knowledge in a language such as PHP, ASP, or JSP. If you already have a backend coded, the next step would be the javascript frontend. For this you will need to catch a form submit and send the data via AJAX instead. You can do this with the onsubmit="" attribute of the <form> .

<form action="comment_post.php" method="post" onsubmit="postComment();">
function postComment()
  //Validate the form here
    //Initiate AJAX
    //Get Vars
    //Attach POST and GET Vars
    //Send Request
    //Update on Reply

For this you will need some basic understanding of AJAX. I would suggest AJAX on W3Schools. If you're using PHP, also look at PHP/AJAX on W3Schools.

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