Hi friends.
I am new here.
I found this site while searching the way to make a vbulletin forum.
So please help me to make a vbulletin forum but all in free because i don`t have any credit or paypal etc.
Please give me full guide to make my own vbulletin forum.
Also tell me the hosting site which is the best for this purpose.

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I also want full options for members & a small chat box.

vBulletin isn't free. It's a commercial PHP forum, and I'm sure there are no hosts that host free vBulletin boards. I recommend MyBB because it has a proper plugin API and the developers are pretty quick at releasing security fixes.

phpBB doesn't have a plugin API as far as I know, so you'll be mucking around with core edits. MyBB gives you one-click installation of plugins and the interface is very friendly.

vBulletin is not free, you will not get it for free.
MyBB is very like vBulletin, as is phpBB or SMF. If you look through your options you will see that there are many options. All in all, I'd recommend MyBB. It's the best free forum software (in my opinion).

ok now i want to try mybb.
can any one give me the downloadin link & please tell me that which is best hosting site for it!!

There. Just download it and follow the instructions. ;)
Any hosting will do, really.

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