this part of php that connected with db

$q2="select *from emp order by id";
$r2=mysql_query($q2)or dai("query faild:"mysql_error());


if($x["depno"]==10)//dose it right to use $x=["depno"]like this when i use the query select* from the table??
echo"<td>$x["employee name"]</td>";

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im not sure really if i have the right to answer ur question
or it is just the business of experts here

anyway.. i don't have time to try it it works or not
try it and tell us if it assigns an error here

for me i will do it like this and it works..

//just an example..
$row = mysql_fetch_object($result);

//use it like this..

i hope i could help
good luck

u dont need to have the "'s in there just $x[thething]

or dai()

did you mean die() or is it your func!

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