Hello, I need help with my site, for example this forum:
If there is 25 post in this page it makes another page automatically, like blogs or search. If you go in google and search for something.. all the links wont be on the same page you have to goto page [2] if you don't find what your looking for in page [1].

I want to make this system to my site, If I blogg 10 times or so, my blogg will automatically make a page 2.
Page 1 = new stuff, page 2 = old stuff.

I have already designed my site, so I cant use wordpress, anyone else can give me a hand or show me. how it works. Is this difficult?

thanks, Muazam.

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If you are using MYSQL then LIMIT <offset>, <rowcount> is your friend.

If your page can accept a page number via GET or POST, not forgetting that the initial call to the page is unlikely to have this parameter, then you can use that page number to alter the <offset> and <rowcount> values that you add to your SELECT statement.

I hope that I have given you enough pointers here to enable you to complete your web page.

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