Hi to the community. I hope this is ok to post here. First of all i would like to say that i am a newbie and i am trying to learn php on my own. I am looking into w3school and a few other sources i found here on Daniweb.

Well, i purchased a facebook gift app with resell rights to it and i am having trouble getting the images to show, the points do not show nor users correctly. I am figuring it might be a database issue, some settings are wrong i assume.

I am willing to give a copy if you can help me with this project. I am willing to listen and follow instructions.

Thanks again in advance

It's probably better to have a try at solving your problems yourself and post here with specific problems or error messages that you are experiencing. If you need help understanding what some of your code does, feel free to post snippets here and describe where you are having difficulties, and we will try to help you out.

Thats been a problem with many apps free to sell, but it doesnt actually work.
The person who sold it to you knows it doesnt work,
quite often they found the problem insurmountable and just gave up
then sell off their partially developed code, or they bought it with onsell rights and found . . . (if it worked who would sell a facebook app, that could conveivably be a goldmine, there is only 1 facebook, one place to sell apps, one chance at it)

an editor with code highlighting will point out hidden structural errors in the code, and may even help with logical errors
pretty much everyone else is as darkagn wrote willing to help with specific problems
many a **expletive** system has fallen over and died, because there is a missing character
though the code was syntactically correct without it,
code does something other than what was intended without that extra =%'$\

Thank you guys so much for your replies, well appreciated. I contact the seller and he refund my money. I tried using a image hosting site and the image shows up without any promblem, but if the image is hosted on my server or (free) then it can not be seen even if i switch servers (free). So i am assuming most of the issues i am facing is because of my hosting provider.

Other than that , like you said almostbob, the script was not working from the get go. I will see what i can do even though my programming skills is still in it's baby stage. If i run into any problems i will take your advice and post here.

Thanks again
almostbob & darkagn