Hi all,
I'm still a newbie in programming world..
And I just realized that PHP has a function "mysql_insert_id()" to get the most recent id that generated by AUTO INCREMENT.

But, before I use it, I want to know
Is it safe to use it when many users insert data in the same page?
For example, there are many users register to a site at the same time.
Will there any conflict?
Or everything will be alrigth?


Sorry for my English.

Yeah safe because when user request for each page than it comes from the server and execute on the client side so no problem in i t..You can use any time..No issue in it

Please search Server HTTP request ...

It is safe to use mysql_insert_id() in your program, because mysql creates different instances for different users, the inserted id will be depends on the server instance created by the mysql server.

Thanks & Regards
Sai Prem

So, I will try to use it..

I give you this just for more information using mysql_insert_id() according to the php manual :-)


mysql_insert_id() converts the return type of the native MySQL C API function mysql_insert_id() to a type of long (named int in PHP). If your AUTO_INCREMENT column has a column type of BIGINT, the value returned by mysql_insert_id() will be incorrect. Instead, use the internal MySQL SQL function LAST_INSERT_ID() in an SQL query.

Note: Because mysql_insert_id() acts on the last performed query, be sure to call mysql_insert_id() immediately after the query that generates the value.

Note: The value of the MySQL SQL function LAST_INSERT_ID() always contains the most recently generated AUTO_INCREMENT value, and is not reset between queries.