Ive created a database driven web app in visual studio that works great in visual studio. Ive stored the connection string in my web config file with the following code: localhost/sqlexpress ect ect....

Works great!!! Now how do i adjust the connection string to work on a remote server. I asked there tech support and all they did was provide me with an Ip address that is aparetnly suppose to point to my database that they had set up for me though a SQL srcipt that I had emailed them. also the name of the database which is MAYA08.

what is the proper syntax in order to make this work?
please help.
- Rick Pace

This should work you have to fill in the uid and pwd to the ones they gave you


     <add key="ConnectionString"

          value="server=the ip address they gave you;uid=DATABASE USER ID;pwd=DATABASE PW;database=MAYA08" />


Remember that an IP Adress can be used interchangably with the DNS name. So instead of writting the name of the Server, you just have to write in the IP Adress, there is nothing else Special. Every Computer must have a name, especially a Server, why dont you tell your Support guys to provide you with the name of that Server.