I am developing web application using JSF2.0 along with netbean6.8 IDE. In this project, i use rich faces 3.3.2.
when i run the application, it throws the following error

deploy?path=C:\Documents and Settings\workplace\JSF3\build\web&name=JSF3&force=true failed on GlassFish v3 Domain
C:\Documents and Settings\workplace\JSF3\nbproject\build-impl.xml:598: The module has not been deployed.
BUILD FAILED (total time: 1 minute 9 seconds)

When i remove faces-config.xml, it working fine.How to solve the problem.please help me.
My project configurations,
1. Glashfish v3 domain server
2. jdk1.6
3. Netbean 6.8 IDE
4. JSF2.0
5. richfaces jars

Thank in advance