I am facing a strange problem here, I am using a webservice to send emails through my website.

Strangly when I run the application through VS2008 web development server only one email is sent which is normal, but when I publish the website on IIS then two copies of the emails are sent to the sender, which I don't understand.

Any suggestions or help shall be appreciated!

i'm using a .NET webservice, which sends some data, nothing complex: its just about firing two numbers to the webservice and receiving the values. Nothing complex, no SSL/HTTPS, nothing. Just a damn simple webservice.

So, in FireFox everything works fine. But, when users with IE are trying to get the page, all of them receive error "12152". The strangee thing is: this seems to be purely an IE issue.

I've googled already: all people having the same error are driving with SSL/encryption and stuff like that. In my scneario, all these conditions don't fit in.

The funny thing is:
i went over to webservices when i read about the "page overload" (when handling/processing a full ASP.net page). I though, OK lets move this few functions to a webservice, so the server wouldn't have to instantiate a full ASPX page to process this stuff; but, honestly, the "old version" (via ASPX page) worked out completely uncomplicated, now i have this strange problems. And all this is because i _thought_ a webservice would be more performant.
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